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Email Services

Email Services

Advent Mail Security

adventspamOur cloud based filtering service scrubs and filters your incoming and outgoing email, protecting you from viruses and unwanted spam.  In addition, our servers act as a failover in case your internet connection or server ever goes down for a period of time, your mail will be stored on our servers, and passed on once your server is back up.  By only passing through the email you want, most customers utilize a third less bandwidth that on-site filtering uses, freeing that up for activities that actually benefit your company’s productivity.  And finally, using our spam filtering makes your email server more secure, and less vulnerable to exploits, as our servers take the brunt of any malicious internet activity, allowing yours to run smoothly.

Office 365

Microsoft’s cloud email and productivity platform has made it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to have a robust, enterprise quality email and collaboration server for a fixed monthly fee that only grows when you do.  Office 365 is in many ways better than hosting a server on site.  As a Microsoft partner, we can help you implement and maintain this service with ease.

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