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Business Continuity Devices

Advent Technologies Inc. Business Continuity Devices

Business Continuity Devices

For businesses that understand the cost of downtime and need to back up full systems rather than just data, our Business Continuity devices are the ideal solution.  These are hybrid backup solutions that not only store snapshots of your systems locally for fast recovery; they push those same snapshots off to the cloud for full redundancy.


SIRIS is the only backup and disaster recovery solution to offer instant on-site and off-site virtualization, screenshot verification of backups, and Intelligent Business Continuity all from one simple management interface.  Featuring robust hardware capable of backing up and virualizing several servers at one time, these are the ultimate in business continuity devices.

Datto NAS

Combining a simple NAS with the power of cloud based backup,  Datto NAS brings all the benefits of a powerful backup agent and Inverse Chain Technology at a price small to mid sized businesses can afford.

Datto ALTO

Designed specifically for small businesses, ALTO is an advanced backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solution for systems under 1TB.  Using a Hybrid Virtualization method, it enables off-site virtualization with the ease of instant local virtualization.

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