Surveillance Cameras

Advent Technologies Inc. Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras

An increasing number of businesses are utilizing Surveillance systems for a number of reasons.   A Surveillance system can save you thousands of dollars annually by helping you to proactively and reactively identify a number of risks to your business.  Many business owners see a surveillance system as a form of an insurance policy.   Surveillance systems can help you decrease liability and Litigation as well as enabling you to better control and eliminate unwanted risks damaging your business.

Advent Technologies has partnered with Panasonic and Samsung to deliver the best in class surveillance equipment that you can rely on.  We provide, install and maintain everything from low voltage cabling, Network IP and Analog security cameras, encoders, recorders & decoders, as well as the management and control systems.

Easily view what your cameras sees, clearly, over a web based portal though your smart phone, home computer or Panasonic desk phone.  Record information locally or have information backed up off-site and much more.

Has your business experienced internal or external theft or burglary?  Has your office ever been vandalized and you were unsuccessful in catching the culprit?  Have suspicious employees filed workers compensation claims stating they were injured on the job and you couldn’t prove otherwise?  With our Surveillance systems, we can help.

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