Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX


Our hosted voice platform leads the industry in reliability and usability, providing enterprise features without the high price.  Our expertise in network design and management, a unique pricing model, and superior phone and network equipment combine to create a solution that is reliable, powerful, and virtually limitless in features and functionality.

Accessibility Anywhere
Cloud based design allows for you to tie multiple sites together, easily support remote users, and keep the functionality of an in house system regardless of location.

Scales With You
One large benefit of a hosted voice platform is that it easily scales with your company.  No expensive hardware upgrades.  Just add a phone when you need one.

Expertly Managed
We’re here to ensure your phones stay up.  We use our Enterprise level technology and methods to keep your phones functional at all times.  Pair with our Carrier Services and Telecom Management, and you have the ultimate in worry free service.


Some features include:

                                • Simple, All-Inclusive Pricing
                                • Limitless Capacity
                                • Web-based Management
                                • Voicemail to Email
                                • Reliable Fax Services
                                • Call Recording
                                • Conference Bridge
                                • Call Queue and ACD
                                • Call Analytics & Reporting
                                • Disaster Recovery
                                • Enhanced Management & Monitoring

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