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Panasonic’s Newest System

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Panasonic’s Newest System

Posted By Advent Technologies

Published May 5, 2013

Coming soon, Panasonic will be releasing their latest phone system, the NS1000, a fully IP enabled all-in-one solution bringing enterprise scale features to small business.  Building upon their long line of powerful and reliable products, the new NS1000 platform allows for even more robust VoIP features, while continuing to leverage all of the features that people know and love from their traditional phone systems.

Initially, the NS1000 was supposed to be a SIP only product.  (SIP is a standardized protocol for transmitting voice, often used by hosted voice providers, that has some limiting features), but when it was previewed to a handful of dealers across the united states, we felt that the system sacrificed too many commonly used features that our customers would want.  Even though many competing manufacturers have abandoned those same features, Panasonic listened to the recommendations and pulled the release date, until every one of the features was included back into the system.

Stay tuned in the upcoming months for more details on the latest inclusion to our portfolio.

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